Advent Mystery

“The advent mystery is the beginning of the end of all in us that is not yet Christ.”

~Thomas Merton

Advent. A time of preparation for the coming of Christ as we remember it 2000 years ago, as we prepare in this present time, and as we prepare for Christ’s future coming.

Advent is a time for preparing…..not cookies….not presents….not decorations…..not traveling…..not family gatherings.

Advent is about preparing for the coming of the One who desires to embody us….all of us….in our totality…..body, mind, spirit.

Advent is about preparing by letting go….by removing the “dead” things from our lives….by giving away… relinquishing that which no longer has a useful purpose….by creating open space in us.

What do we need to let go of during this season of Advent?  What “things” need to go?  Brokenness?  Anger/Rage?  Unforgiveness?  What “dead spaces” in us need to go so that we can become open vessels?  Open to a newness of life?  Open to greater potential and possibilities?

What in us is not yet Christlike?  What in us is not yet truly us?  What in us is holding us back from becoming who we are called to be?  What in us is keeping us from our deepest desire?

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