No one is an island (nor would I want to be)!

“No man is an island,

Entire of itself,

Every man is a piece of the continent,

A part of the main.”

~John Donne

The people in the above photo are part of my continent, my group, my tribe, my posse, my colleagues, my friends.  And after having been with them and learned from them, I wouldn’t want to be an island. They are energizing, compassionate, supportive, challenging, affirming, resourceful, wise, and genuine human companions on this journey of life.  They inspire me and make me want to be more. I want to be a part of their continent and their journey as well for as long as I can!

To have people like this in your life is pure gift!  To have companions who walk beside you and with you, who hold your hand when needed, and who nudge you when you need to be nudged.  The people who see more in you than you may see in yourself. The people who are willing to go to the places within you that no one else may have gone before.  They hold those spaces as sacred, special, filled with life and potential. They hold you and love you as well as challenge and coach you when needed. To me, that is true and pure friendship and companionship.

I will be with this continent this weekend to finish up our Corporate and Leadership Coach training.  I look forward to so many moments of connection and life with them! I look forward to being with our trainers, Karen and Jenn, who have become more to me than just trainers.  They are friends on this journey, friends who inspire me to be my awesome self, and who inspire me with their worldly experiences! I am so grateful for them and for the rest of my continent of coaches.  To be a part of them, and them a part of me, makes this journey so much more joyful and adventurous!

The name of this coaching training is GET Real.  I have been the wonderful recipient of the realness and authenticity of this amazing group of people who I now call friends and colleagues, co-workers on the journey.

I hope your life is filled with an amazing continent of peeps who do that same thing for you!

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