Lent: The Dance of Life!

A friend of mine recently shared with me his pastor’s reflection on the upcoming days of Lent.  The pastor wrote that the word, Lent, in its origin, means “lengthening of the day.”  Lent is a time of lengthening of our days.  That is certainly true for the time of year we are heading into – Spring.  The days are certainly getting longer and the nights are getting shorter.  More light.  Less darkness.

But, what if we looked at this period of Lent as somewhat of a lengthening of our moments?  Instead of racing or moving quickly through our days, what would it be like for you and me to stay present to the important moments of our days?  And, honestly, aren’t most moments important, if we really think about it?  There is something to be learned or gained from any moment, even if we slow down just to take an assessment of ourselves, a so-called breather.

Lent really is a time to take a breather.  The scriptural reading today from Matthew’s gospel talks about the three pillars of Lent – Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving.  2 of the 3 focus us on things internal.  Lent is not only a time to breath, but might it also be a time for us to assess, reevaluate, reprioritize, reinvigorate or reconnect as we transition from Ash Wednesday to Easter?  As a time of transition and as a time for some internal reflection, might we find that we need to let go of some things in our lives that weigh us down or might be holding us back from a more fruitful and purposeful life?

Barbara DeAngelis has this quote: “The moment in between what you once were, and who you are now becoming, is where the dance of life really takes place.”  To think of Lent, this time of transition and a breather, as a dance of life!  To move in a way that makes you more whole, more integrated, more in touch with the core of who you really are!  This time of Lenten transition can be a time of great movement into a greater experience of life, love, relationship, God….you!  To lengthen the moments of your Lenten days so that you take in all that your life have to give you!  Each moment is gift and offers you and me the opportunity to transition into greater wholeness and a greater sense of who we are and who we are called to be!

How do you want to transition through Lent this year?  Might I suggest that you put your dancing shoes on!

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