Today, Jesus drives out a demon from someone who was mute.  In reaction to this, the people try to figure out how this happened.  Did Jesus’ power come from the devil?  Was this a demonic act?  It’s interesting how the people become focused on how this event happened.  Did they even notice that the person could now speak????

They missed the whole experience of going from imprisonment to freedom!  After all, isn’t that what Jesus is all about?  I believe so!  To take what is enslaved by society or a demon and set them free!  In a relationship with God or our higher power, I believe it is always about making us larger, more, and giving us a greater experience of life!  Can you imagine what it must be like to speak for the first time!  Have you seen the videos on Facebook and YouTube of babies putting on glasses and seeing their parents for the first time!  What an incredibly joyful and liberating moment!  They are no longer chained to their blindness, the inability to speak, or their paralysis!  Hallelujah!

During this time, might we be able to take a moment and really see the “demons” in us that make us blind to our truth, or unable to speak for ourselves out of fear, or who keep us locked in a cell of darkness and despair?  It’s like we need an unmute button!  We need someone who can help us begin to move our lips, open our eyes, move our limbs, and walk out of the tomb that has kept us enslaved for far too long!  We have been given a voice by our creator to speak words of compassion,truth, and love!  No one should ever mute that.  You and I have been given the gift of seeing and speaking and moving!  And those gifts are meant not only for ourselves, but are to be placed at the service of those who need our words of hope, our eyes that see their true beauty, and our inspiration to get them moving!

To strip us of the people, the thoughts and the fears that hold us back and make us small, and move us into a larger space of who we truly are.  And when this happens, the mute button is off and we are shouting from the mountaintops, never to be enslaved again.

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