Dazzling White

I had the blessing and opportunity to be a Confirmation sponsor for Mariah about 5 years ago.  I was beyond thrilled to be asked!  She is a mature, kind, smart and compassionate young woman. And faithful.  She was very ready to be confirmed.

Since then, I have been privileged to watch her grow and  mature into an even greater high school senior, getting ready to “leave the nest” this year.  As she discerns her life journey and path, she is focusing on the field of medicine and nursing.  At one point recently, I imagined her as she is today.  Someone who doesn’t know much about either nursing or medicine.  But then I imagined her a few years down the road, and saw a woman in the proverbial “white coat,” talking with patients, diagnosing illnesses, prescribing medications, and being the compassionate, loving person that I know her to be.

I thought of Mariah and her “white coat” this weekend as I heard the reading from the gospel of Mark about the transfiguration of Jesus before Peter, James and John.  At one point, Jesus’ clothes are described as “dazzling white,” as he is transfigured before his friends.  That dazzling white appearance for me is the manifestation of his inner essence, his divine nature, his Messiahship, his true nature.  What is on the inside is now being manifested on the outside.  I feel the same for Mariah as I envisioned her in that white coat moment.  Her inner essence of who she is was coming through as dazzling white in the form of a white coat.  In that white coat, her true inner essence comes through - a woman of compassion and strength who has the potential to influence, save lives, and heal many.  Whatever her future may hold, I believe it will be filled with a woman whose white coat will bring light, peace, healing and compassion to those most in need of it.

You see, living our calling or our purpose involves becoming “dazzling white,” like Jesus.  Manifesting the true inner essence, the true nature of who we are!  Allowing it to be seen by all so that our giftedness now gets manifested and purposed into the world. And when we put on our “white coat,” the world is changed, made better, healed just a little more.  Life is given and shared.  The Spirit becomes flesh once again

How many of us even know what is the fabric of our “white coat?”  What makes us the fibers of that coat?  What are those gifts that you and I are called to share with the world, so that we help bring “heaven to earth?”  What might it be like to stand in front of the mirror and see ourselves in “dazzling white?”  Might it give us a glimpse into what God sees in us?  Who knows.  Maybe once we ask to see it, we might start radiating the “white coat” of our purpose and potential.

Thank you, Mariah, for reminding me to put on my white coat every day.

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