Moving Forward


I am in the midst of a life transition.  From working full time for a company to becoming a solopreneur.  Of course the process of moving from one to the other is not an easy one.  It will take much blood, sweat, tears, body, spirit, heart and guts.


As I ponder this move, I reflect on the 2 photos above.  There are times when the path forward is narrow, dark in spots, filled with obstacles and uncertainty of where the path leads beyond what I can see.  At other times, the vision forward seems wide open, full of possibilities and options, a larger more expansive view, clearer.


Both can have their comforts and their fears. I may be a person who only wants to see what is right in front of me.  I don’t want to look too far down the road for fear of feeling overwhelmed.  Or I may fear the wide open expansive view because there are too many options.  I can’t choose.


However, in both of these views, I am only looking forward.  I am not looking back.  Even in the presence of fear, the unknown, and the voices in my head, I keep my eyes, my vision and my courage on the road ahead, as narrow or expansive at it may be.  That’s the direction I am moving in.  I do not desire to go back to where I was, who I was, and what I was doing.


These views also provide me with a newness of life, of purpose, of growth.  I am becoming.  If I am not growing, if I am not challenging my being, then I am stagnating.  Stagnation can be fatal.  We are all meant for movement on all levels of living – physical, emotional, relational, work/vocational, and spiritual.  Everything is about growth and moving along the path of life.  I believe that this transition will result in new life for me!


What do you see when you look forward in your life?  What kind of transition might you be experiencing right now that you would like to move through with more purpose, more vision, more heart and guts?  What do you believe about yourself through all of these changes?


Life is about moving forward on the path, whether narrow or wide, and giving your entire being over to the experience of all of it!  There is a newness of life waiting for you!


Transitioning forward! I’m looking forward to meeting myself in new ways! As a Life Coach, I look forward to seeing you experience YOU in new ways as you transition forward!

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