“A diet changes the way you look.  A fast changes the way you see.”

~Lisa Bevere


One of the pillars of Lent is fasting.  There are so many things that we can fast from - food, alcohol, sweets.  Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I fasted from one of those items.

If I want to truly live my life purpose, then will any of those items help me find it?  Maybe, but probably not.  What must you and I fast from to get closer to what our life purpose is?  I propose a fasting and corresponding feasting practice for the next 40 days.


       FASTING FROM                                                           FEASTING ON

Seeing life through the lens of negativity       Seeing myself and life through the lens of                                                                                         possibility!


Living with limitations                                      Exploring boundaries and beyond!


Feeling uninspired                                            Seeking out the things that inspire me!


Allowing others to define me                          Defining myself!


We are called, during this season, to allow our fasting to help us see differently!  In order to do that, we must remove the glasses we’ve always used, throw out those self imposed limitations, kick the uninspiring people, places and things to the curb, and start forming our own definition of who we are and who we want to show up to be in this one, crazy life that we are given!

Finding our life purpose means going beyond the limits and boundaries we live with right now.  It is an exploration into unknown territory!  It means putting on new ways of seeing ourselves and our lives. It means climbing that mountain to the summit to see a whole new view!  It means changing our diet by fasting from the things that hold us back and putting better nourishment into our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls.

What do we need to fast from today?  And what do we need to start feasting on?  What’s holding you back from that 20/20 vision??

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