Fall....a season of transition

Fall.  For me, it is a season of change, much like Spring.  The tree is getting prepared for Winter and a life of being dormant. Leaves change color, dry up and fall to the ground.  It is a process that they experience every year.  I’m more interested in what is going on inside the tree, the transition that is taking place within.  The roots, the trunk, the heartwood, the sapwood, the inner bark are all preparing for Winter…and Spring.  You see, transition is not just about what is happening on the outside, but more importantly, what is happening on the inside.

As we make changes in our lives – from being single to being married; from one job/career to another; from work life to life in retirement; from being healthy to being sick; from being in relationship with God/Our Higher Power to questioning or being at odds with God – these all are wonderful opportunities to delve deeply into ourselves and really understand and appreciate what is truly happening to us and for us.

Because, you see, when we just go through “change,” and don’t really take in all that is being offered to us during the transition, we might just be “rearranging furniture” in ourselves, and not taking full advantage of getting to know who we really are, what is truly going on in us, and what we deeply desire at the end of the transition.  The real change is happening deep within, not just on the leaves.

What transition might you be going through this Fall that needs some deep attention and purpose?

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