Aye, Matey!

Do you know why pirates wear eye patches?  I’ve asked this question to a few people and the answer is the same. They have lost an eye.  That would be incorrect.

I had the pleasure and honor to speak to a local Rotary chapter this past week, and they incorporate the National Days calendar into their meetings.  Thursday was National Talk Like a Pirate Day….Argh! So, I wanted to play along.

The President of the chapter asked that question.  The answer is: to prepare one eye to see in the dark, so that when they go below deck that eye would be prepared to see in the dark.  They would put the patch on the other eye and use the eye already adjusted to the dark to see!

I never knew that!  As I was waiting to give my presentation, and heard that answer, I thought I would tie that into coaching.  Totally made it up on the fly!

Often in coaching, there are moments when clients may go into dark places - about work/career, relationships, how they are showing up in life, struggles, challenges, about the future.

In the dark, clarity isn’t usually there.  We can’t see. We struggle to find our way through.  Enter the Coach...with an eye patch!

As I coach, there are times when I have the wonderful privilege to walk with someone into those dark places, where they can’t see more than a couple of inches in front of themselves, and be a source of light and vision with them.  I never thought that I was a pirate with an eye patch who could remove the patch from my eye and help someone see a bit more of that dark pathway that is possibly leading them to a place of light with an eye that is already accustomed to the dark!  I have seen my own dark places and have become familiar with them and how they intimidate me.

Coaches can have this intuitive ability to sometimes see more than their clients in the dark.  To help them trust them and begin moving out of their paralysis and fear. To ask questions that help the client see more of the pathway forward.

How often might you be in the dark and need someone to help you through?  What is your experience of darkness in times of transition and questioning?  You might need that Pirate Coach who can see in your darkness! Aye, Aye, Matey!

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